​​​Pennsylvania Association of Healthcare Auxiliaries


an Affiliate of The Hospital & Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Association of Healthcare Auxiliaries (PAHA), which had supported hospital auxiliaries since its inception in 1951 with information, networking and education, has come to an end.  

It was with deep regret that the PAHA Board of Directors voted to dissolve PAHA effective December 31, 2017.

Over the years the organization helped its members grow their auxiliaries, serve the mission of their hospitals and healthsystems, and engage with their communities to improve health.

​As healthcare has changed, so have auxiliaries. The consolidation of hospitals and growth of investor-owned hospitals have created less need for local auxiliaries. Additionally, some of hospital auxiliaries' biggest challenges—dwindling membership and revenue and the inability to recruit younger members—are more reflective of broader societal changes. 

For those auxiliaries who remain strong in this ever-changing healthcare environment, the PAHA Board of Directors wishes you continued success in your service to your hospital or healthsystem and your community.